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"Elle" Magazine Scan- October 2014 [x]

Okay, guys. The Maze Runner was a great movie and you shouldn’t let the critics bring you down. Go see it if you read the book/are interested/like Dylan O’Brien (or anyone else in the film for that matter). It’s worth the money if only for the cinematography and the acting. The whole cast was solid, but the script gave Dylan particularly intense and reflective material. In terms of characterization, I think Stiles is more complex, but Dylan has truly luminous moments in TMR. Thomas is deeply introspective, and the role allowed Dylan stillness and a more controlled sense of emotion. It’s a different facet of his acting ability, but he makes the transition look easy and natural.

Masterpost: Classical Texts in Translation


The most common question I get on this blog is “can you help me find a translation of [Classical text]?” So in honor of reaching 900 followers, I’ve compiled a list of favourite translations for your reference. Thank you for making this possible!

Below, you will find links to complete, well-written English translations of 100+ ancient Greek and Roman texts, organized by genre and author. Some of these translations are free on the internet; others are books available on Amazon. In almost all cases, the translations for sale will be better than the free translations, but I’ve tried to select the best free translations available on the internet. I have also included a few audiobooks, which are available for free on youtube.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the texts the Greeks and Romans ever wrote, but it’s a start.

Greek Epic and Early Lyric Poetry:

Greek Tragedy and Comedy:

Greek History, Oratory, and Philosophy:

Hellenistic Lyric and Epic, Various Greek Lyric Poetry:

"Golden Age" Roman Epic and Lyric Poetry:

Roman History, Oratory, and Philosophy:

Roman Tragedy and Comedy:

Roman Novels:

Miscellaneous Classical Works:

*Translations marked with asterisks are hosted by The Perseus Project and require you to click through by paragraph, by scene, or by poem.

If you’re looking for something that’s not on this list, I might not know a translation off the top of my head, but I’d be happy to try to find you one. If you’re looking for the original Greek or Latin, try searching The Perseus Project or The Latin Library.

JC + The Voidz for GQ Magazine (x)

hey, you really have’ta stop callin’ me james…
so, what do i call you, then?
how about you just call me bucky.


Andy Goldsworthy - Balanced ice column Helbeck Craggs, Cumbria 5 January, 1985.